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Wardrobe Evaluation

“The joy of dressing is an art and building a fashion statement is not hard because of the Personal shopper / Wardrobe consultant”

Shopping is hard work, but someone has to do it!

Is a Personal Shopper/Wardrobe Consultant a good investment after all?

At the Finishing School, Neha D Gupta, who provides personal shopping services in Mumbai, celebrates the sense of style of an individual. She believes what a person wears is an expression of who exactly that person is. Thus, she brings a contemporary fashioning experience that associates the luxury of personalized advice with the convenience of e-commerce. Whether a person is a busy professional in search of a wardrobe makeover or just seeking chic style for some special event, she believes that each trend can enhance the personal style of an individual. From personal shopping to wardrobe planning, Neha D Gupta, a Personal Shopper/Wardrobe Consultant, is with you on every phase of the journey.

Personal shopping services in Mumbai, at the Finishing School, assists you to treasure the perfect wardrobe and the best outfits. What does a Personal Shopper/Wardrobe Consultant have to offer you?

1) She is a lot more than a shop.

Well, buying clothes is a big chunk of the Personal Shopper/Wardrobe Consultant’s job, it is not as simple as it may seem to be – Neha D Gupta works closely with sales acquaintances at retail stores to hunt down vague pieces, put auspicious items on hold, and fix when new clothing collections will arrive at her store. And whether they are working with sales acquaintances or advising her clients on what looks fashionable, as a Personal Shopper she has excellent communication and people skills and is very good at building relationships.

2) Personal Shopper/Wardrobe Consultant’s work starts long before the client steps in the dressing room

Neha D Gupta, who owns the Finishing School and provides personal shopping services in Mumbai, believes that “My service starts by analysing the client’s closet and current wardrobe, fashioning ‘new’ outfits with the outfits the client already owns, disapproving the items which do not fit on the client’s body or lifestyle and forming a modified shopping list,” Depending on a client’s existing wardrobe and shopping list, Neha D Gupta then makes a choice of a store that best fits the client’s requirements. “She shops before the client comes in the store. She fills the dressing room with the stuff that will suit the client, then the clients arrive. She says: “It is the actual use of time for many tiring professionals or even homemakers.”

3) Her feet are probably sore.

Neha D Gupta, a Personal Shopper/Wardrobe Consultant, has first-hand information of what it is like to “shop ‘til you drop.” The constant checking on all the stores and looking at the racks can seriously make your feet sore. She believes that the hardest part is the constant exercise of standing. Four days a week she does 5-8 hours sessions on personal shopping services in Mumbai where she is walking around constantly, which takes a lot of energy, for delivering the best and facilitating her clients with the best.

4) The Personal Shopper/Wardrobe Consultant knows how to shop for all the shapes and sizes

Neha D Gupta emphasizes that shopping for other individuals involves a vastly diverse skill set than shopping for own. “Some people think that if they have inordinate stylishness, they can dress anybody,” Neha D Gupta says. “An individual style will not look good on all body types, age, and sex. A Personal Shopper/Wardrobe Consultant understands fashion for all ages, budgets, and body types.”

As she is an experienced Personal Shopper, she has an inclusive understanding of the types of fabric, garment creation, and how diverse clothing brands complement varied body forms. Personal Shoppers also pick clothing and accessories in all the shades of colours that complement a client’s skin tone and hair colour.

5) Well-off people are not her only clients.

Most people look for personal shopping services in Mumbai as a luxury. But Neha D Gupta disagrees with it and states that “it is not important to be well-to-do to hire a Personal Shopper”. Instead, she aids her clients by saving them from spending extra time and money through shaping the clients in the direction of superior pieces that will last for years (rather than pieces that run out of trend after a few months)

6) She goes the extra mile to deliver the best to her clients

Personal Shopper/Wardrobe Consultant not just bend over backward to satisfy their uber-wealthy clients, they also go the extra mile when it comes to their regular customers. Neha D Gupta is always available for the clients who text and email her at the last minute for fashion emergencies, and as she owns the best personal shopping services in Mumbai, she often works on tight deadlines to find the perfect outfit.

7) She loves clothing to make her clients happy

Personal Shopper/Wardrobe Consultants state that serving people find clothes of their choice is about more than clothing. With the right skirt or top, individuals can practice reflective changes in their body image, confidence, and self-esteem. “she feels overwhelmed on how happy her clients are after their session on personal shopping services in Mumbai, and how good they feel about themselves in their new clothes,” Neha D Gupta says. “It is a boundless feeling to be able to make my clients feel more confident about the way they appear.”

Contemporarily people often think that looking up to a Personal Shopper/Wardrobe Consultant or Personal Stylist can support in choosing the right clothing, hairstyle, makeup and accessories which would be the best choice for an individual. Though, when it is about personal branding and image these are only a few of the services that must be taken into consideration.

In the present corporate world, employees, colleagues, bosses, clients and those in the responsibility of hiring usually look up to the whole package. Other than personal shopping services in Mumbai, Neha D Gupta has several other services to offer at the Finishing School, which are also highly popular amongst her clients.