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Our tailor-made Online Training involves one-on-one sessions where we discuss how we can enhance your overall personality by analysing what suits you best thereby helping you get to know yourself better. These personal development sessions are aimed towards being the cornerstone in the journey of discovering the best in you!

Power Dressing and Grooming

Duration: 1 Hour

Objective: Power Dressing and right grooming is the combat gear to the trip towards cracking any interview. It is all about dressing smart. Dressing better can get you ahead of other competitors and also contributes a lot to how others perceive you.

Learning: Professionalism is to be portrayed in any work as you would not want to come across as a person who does not care about work. The application of a professional colour palette and how you can experiment with colours at a professional level. Dressing suitably, being well groomed, not showing too much skin and being consistent with your style, are few tips that you should know. Introducing students to International Dressing style and the DNA of clothing.

Body Language

Duration: 1 Hour

Objective: Most of the time people are unaware of their gestures and the signals they send across while in an interview. Projecting appropriate Body Language helps one create the right impression and the right climate for a serious conversation. Positive Body Language is a must at any situation. Delegation of responsibilities becomes easier through positive Body Language. It can also help in conveying respect.

Learning: This module will cover the Art of sitting and standing, Gestures, Facial expressions, Postures, Proxemics, Haptics, Appearances, etc. Positive Body Language is liked by other people and hence, the person carrying a Positive Body Language gets more attention and favour in any discussion.

Communication Skills

Duration: 1 Hour

Objective: It helps you to be more aware of the subject and portray his or her Personal Communication skills through elements of Communication, Barrier, Communication styles and traits, constituents of Verbal Communication, understanding the three principals to improve the mind-set, how to develop a superstar personality, open ended and closed ended questions and listening skills. Being confident is very important, and so is learning the art of small talk, to identify your personal style.

Learning: Having better interpersonal skills and building a positive image in the mind of the interviewer. When we imagine a positive outcome to a scenario in our mind, it’s more likely to play out the way we envision.

Business Etiquettes

Duration: 1 Hour

Objective: Business Etiquette skills include but are not limited to showing courtesy and respect towards one’s co-workers and employers. Demonstrating the self- control required for a particular job, as well as expressing one’s knowledge of various business situations without treating others with condescension, is equally important for mastering the Business Etiquette skills.

Learning: Participants will learn to portray the right image through their mannerisms and social behaviour. Many incivility issues can be avoided by learning and practicing proper Business Etiquette. When you are more conscious of how you are interacting with your colleagues, customers and business partners, relationships will prosper and profits will increase.

  • Exchange of business card
  • General office courtesies
  • Meetings, Boardroom, Conferences
  • Seating protocol
  • Etiquette related to Business entertaining and networking
  • Use of names and titles
  • Gender sensitive Etiquette
  • Self-promotion

Public Speaking

Duration: 1 Hour

Public speaking helps in the overall personality of an individual.

  • We will cover a 4-step method: Plan, Prepare, Practise and Presentation.
  • Confidence of stage performance.
  • How to make a great presentation and deliver with confidence.
  • Three important things in a speech: Content, Body Language and Vocal variety.

Accessories - The Final Touch

Duration: 1 Hour

Accessories play a vital role in enhancing an outfit. They spice up and lift up the outfit. Never underestimate the power of Accessories. They complete the look. Bags, shoes, hair, makeup, glasses, watches, are all accessories.

  • Placement of focal points.
  • Facial shapes and jewellery.
  • Metal and colour.
  • Points of interest.

Grooming for young adult

Duration: 1 Hour

  • This will include Grooming in detail, specifically Grooming faux pas.
  • Personal hygiene.
  • A neat appearance with well fitted garments.
  • Well-designed hairstyle.
  • Hair care, skincare, beard, use of deodorant and perfumes and paying attention to detailing.

Personal Style

Duration: 1 Hour

We help you to understand the YIN and YANG of personality and then understand your personal style and incorporate it all in your wardrobe to look your best.

Dining Etiquette and Silverware Etiquette

Duration: 1 Hour

Participants learn to project the right Image with appropriate and impressive Dining table manners. Participants learn more about seating, table setting, napkin usage, table manners, serving food, passing food, types of menus, etc. Table set up demo, handling cutlery are some of the things learnt in this module. A hands-on, practical, fine dining experience is possible.

  • Formal, multicourse, sit-down dinner-protocol and procedures.
  • Place setting and dinner placements.
  • Buffet meals- The do’s and don’ts of it.
  • Use of crockery, cutlery, glassware, napkins, at formal and informal meals.
  • Eating Etiquette – Practical session on eating with forks, knives, spoons, chopsticks and bowls.

Makeup for women

Duration: 2 Hours

Working women or housewives should have the proficiency to groom themselves in a subtle manner and project an image in lines with that of the brand or company they represent. They should know how to take right care of their skin, hair and apply Makeup according to the season and occasion. This module aims to ensure the learner is proficient in the right make up and grooming. It teaches the subtle style, grooming principles and the natural look. 

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Please Note:

All the programs are customized according to the customers’ requirements and an in-depth analysis is done according to the roles and goals and as per the clients’ need. This is a tailormade program uniquely made for you and attention is given to details as these sessions are personally conducted by Neha D Gupta. These sessions will provide you with personal attention along with flexibility and with absolute discretion. Booklet and Ppts will be provided during each session and we will be conducting activities during the program as well.