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The Finishing School, a company founded and owned by Neha D Gupta, is dedicated to Image building of people who seek to transform their lives by gaining unbeatable confidence and impressive styling.

Neha D Gupta received her degree from London Image Institute with Lynn Marks and also from ICBI – Mumbai. She went on to receive training under one of the most internationally renowned Image consultants – Judith Rasband, from the prestigious Conselle Institute of Image Management. She has completed the Christian Valmy makeup course and Extensive Communication skills program from “Yes We Can”.

Honing her skills under the astute guidance of Miss. Rasband, Neha D Gupta has now established herself as a highly coveted Image consultant in India. Neha D Gupta believes that Image building is not just about fashion and styling but is a unique blend of external personality and unleashing of the inner positivity, skills and a confident state of mind.

With her grit and impeccable knowledge, Neha has enhanced the Image of many Individuals, Companies, Bollywood Actors and other Celebrated Personalities. Helping and guiding people who have been endlessly grappling to rebuild their images, is something that comes naturally and instinctively to her. Be it manners, Etiquettes, Soft skills, Communication, Fashion or Styling, Neha D Gupta leaves no stone unturned to assist her clients to achieve a Spellbinding Image.

Neha D Gupta herself has an enchanting personality which transcends into her work too.

She believes that to build one’s Image, one need not try to fit into the skin of another. One need not be a slave of current trends but must perfect a niche Image staying true to one’s original personality. As a highly sought after Lead Image Consultant, Neha D Gupta has found her way to the front page of Bombay Times, the leading daily Mumbai publication, and has been interviewed by BBC television channel on the importance of Image Consultation and Image Building. As an ardent connoisseur of everything related to Image building, she strives for continuous growth for all her clients.

Do you want a Stellar Personality too?

Seek Neha D Gupta Gupta’s expertise and charm your way into the hearts and minds of the people around you.


My mission is to make Image transformations and create new success stories by bringing in more and more people and instilling them with self-confidence. I look forward to bringing in a more Holistic approach where I work from the inside out, by being a mentor, supporter and guide to grooming perfection. I aim to make this venture a way to extend my personal growth as well as give back to the community.


To Enhance and Empower as many lives as I can in order to develop confident and charismatic individuals and organisations.