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Corporates sector
Middle to senior level executives, professionals,
Junior to middle level executives and professional
Schools and colleges
Private and international school
School children [8 to 13]years of age
Young adults [13 to 21] years of age
Large companies with national presence
Organized retail outlets
Event organisers
Production houses and relation houses
Pharmaceutal industry
Hospitals and other medical facilities
Jewellery outlets
Image consulting for PAGEANTS
BUSINESS men and housewives
Salon and spas, cosmetic centres and gymnasium
Bollywood celebrities and aspirants
Marriageable age girls
People going abroad for studies or professional reasons
Star hotels
Government skills and project
RestaTravel and tours agencies urants
Others CSR , NGOS etc


Tired of being misjudged?
Our inner state is often revealed through our facial expression, eye contact, body movements, posture and touch.

Portray the right Image in any given situation by learning the tricks of an effective and positive body language. And guess what?! We also equip you to assess other people’s Body Language.


Having trouble pairing those blue trousers with the new shoes you recently bought? Worry not!
Be it your everyday wear or dressy evening wear. We style it all to make you look stunning.
Get in touch with us to make heads turn.


Having trouble making an impact at your workplace ? Do you think people do not listen to you ? Do you wonder whether you look credible or trustworthy ? We will help you build your Image and the way people think about you with tutorials on International Style scale and will teach you the DNA of clothes. With this, you would be able to impress others and also get promotions.


Do you know which colours suit your skin type? Are you confused which colours suit your skin tone?

We help you find the right colours according to your complexion and make you look bright and radiant at all times.


True charm is not about how much money you have got.It is about being at ease with yourself and being able to let others shine.

Social grace is about being polished and graceful in all social situations. Knowing the building blocks of charm and manners is a wonderful way of reducing awkwardness and social anxiety, and it will also help you build better connections.


Are you able to communicate effectively with people around you? Do you want to be a good business leader?

Good verbal and non-verbal cues are important to communicate with your team so as to get the best results. Being a good listener and understanding other people’s mindset gives you more wisdom on how to interact in critical situations.


We all like to climb up the corporate ladder but let us face it, it comes with its own set of challenges like not knowing proper greetings and introductions, business card protocols, social media etiquette etc.

Our business etiquette program will not only equip you to exercise proper professional manners but also help you stand out professionally.


Do you cringe each time you open your closet? Do not despair! We dive into your wardrobe to review and sort it by weeding out the clothes that are not right for you, unless you want to keep them for sentimental values.

We also mix-n-match your clothing to create perfectly coordinated looks. You will be amazed by the number of outfits that already reside in your closet that you never even knew existed. It is like going shopping in your own closet!


If you are going into an interview with two different organizations and it is your task to make a choice, which company you would be employed with, what will you be looking for?

What will you observe first? They will both probably have glossy demonstrations and use a lot of boundless buzz words that would clasp your attention.

First, you will see how each of the senates are dressed. Are they clean, robed suitably? Do they have good grooming and smell good?