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Modules: 11

It is imperative that your employees are able to define the image of your company in the best way possible, wherever they go. Our solid in-house Corporate training sessions are crafted after a thorough analysis of your organisation’s training requirements. Post the same, Neha offers personalized workshops and group mentoring in order to transfer that knowledge to every participant thereby helping them create a powerful impression. 

Credibility, Confidence and Charisma

Duration: 2 Hours

10 Ways to Improve Credibility. Colour Psychology, Elements of Design and Grooming.

Executive Presence and Personal Branding

Duration: 2 Hours

Core element of executive branding, brand values, vision and mission, brand identity.

Grooming for Men and Women

Duration: 1 Hour

Personal grooming for men and women, including skincare and grooming in detail and discussing grooming faux pas.

Building a wardrobe

Duration: 1 Hour

Capsule Levels of Dressing for Every Business Setting, Cost Per Wear to look 24/7 Professional.

Communication of Clothes: International Style Scale

Duration: 2 Hours

Insight into various messages that are communicated according to 4 levels of dressing. Participants understand the difference between different levels of dressing according to the International Style Scale and are also able to relate to the message to be given versus clothes to be worn.

Appropriate Body Language

Duration: 2 Hours

Body Language is a highly focused area of communication. Most of the time people are unaware of their gestures and the signals they send across. Projecting appropriate body language helps one create the right impression and the right climate for a serious conversation. This module gives valuable insight into the same and covers Para linguistics, Kinesics, Postures, Proxemics, Haptic, Appearance, etc.

We cover social Body Language and postures- Art of sitting, standing and walking, effective Introductions and Greetings. The handshake and exchange of Social Greetings.

Project the Right Image through The Art of Verbal and Vocal Communication

Duration: 2 to 3 Hours

Sessions: 2

While appropriate appearance and Body Language form the visual part of any communication in a meeting, vocal communication skills are absolutely irreplaceable.

This module helps the participants to be more aware of the subject and enhance his or her personal Communication skills through elements of Communication, barriers of Communication, Communication styles & traits, constituents of verbal Communication, verbal, nonverbal and para verbal Communication, and the art of listening.

Small talk: How to make people think your way.

Dining Etiquette and Silverware Etiquette

Sessions: 2

Participants learn how to project the right image with appropriate and impressive dining table manners. Participants learn more about Seating, Table setting, Napkin usage, Table manners, Serving food, Passing food, Types of menus, etc. Also, Table set up demo, handling cutlery are some of the things learnt in this module. A hands-on, practical, Fine Dining experience is possible.

Formal, Multicourse, sit down dinner- Protocols and procedures. Place setting and dinner placements. Buffet meals- The dos and don’ts of it. Use of crockery, cutlery, glassware, napkins, at formal and informal meals. Eating etiquette – A practical session on eating with forks, knives, spoons, chopsticks and bowls. Finger foods – Food that should be eaten with fingers. Eating Indian meals and Etiquette related to it. Information about different foods.

Body Language at a dinner table. Toasting and protocol related to a very formal invite. Beverages – classification of alcoholic beverages – How they are served /when and with what foods they are served.

General Etiquette Basket

Duration: 2 Hours

Participants will be able to project the right image through their behaviour and be a role model for children, family and colleagues by conducting themselves in the apt manner in all situations. This module covers General Etiquette, Social Etiquette, use of names and titles, Small talk and Conversation guide, Gender neutral Etiquette, Gender specific Etiquette, Mobile phone Etiquette, Driving Etiquette, Netiquette, etc.

Business Etiquette

Duration: 2 Hours

Business Body Language and Posture – Art of Sitting, Standing and Walking. Effective Introductions and Greetings. The Handshake – the correct way of doing it. Exchanging business card. General office courtesies: Meetings, Boardroom, Conferences seating protocol, Etiquette related to business, Entertaining and Networking. The use of names and titles, Small talk, Gender sensitive etiquette, Self-promotion, Workplace manners. How to handle gossip to Excessive baggage. Organize your office, and Handling complaints.

Business Social Etiquette

Duration: 2 Hours

Etiquette at a restaurant, and a breakfast meeting. Telephone protocol. Email Etiquette. Networking online Etiquette.

Please Note:

All the programs are customized according to the customers’ requirements and an in-depth analysis is done according to the roles and goals and as per the clients’ need. This is a tailormade program uniquely made for you and attention is given to details as these sessions are personally conducted by Neha D Gupta. These sessions will provide you with personal attention along with flexibility and with absolute discretion. Booklet and Ppts will be provided during each session and we will be conducting activities during the program as well.