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Learn personal branding and image building with renowned expert Neha D Gupta.

This book will help you:

Land Your Dream Job

You will learn how to build a great executive presence and improve your professional conduct. I will also show you how to improve your body language and communication skills which will help you build professional relationships and expand your network.

Elevate Your Social Status

This book will help you look strikingly stylish, have a warm charismatic personality and social graces.

Find Your Perfect Partner

This book will help you look more attractive and charming to potential partners. You will learn how to build an amazing personality, helping you create a perfect vibe with suitors.

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"Neha is extremely professional and a very humble person. I really like her fashion sense as she knows how to have fun with her clothes and colour combinations accessories, footwear and makeup. More than her style, she gives you inner confidence and therefore, I highly recommend her because of her experience and knowledge in Image consulting field."

- Sakshi Pandit (Head Business Support, Informa Markets)

"In this competitive world, everyone wants to be at the top of the game. Without making a first good impression, one must work twice as hard to gain trust and respect from potential business partners. The Image principles I have learned have given me the personal power to appear confident, even when the situation may feel unfamiliar. Professional Image coaching is worth every cent as in yourself. Neha is a talented professional and a thoughtful, she helps anyone who wishes to present themselves in business and in all of what they do. I recommend her as a very valuable resource for any individual or organisation."

- Vibhishan Maharana (Senior Application Manager, IT Industry)

About Me

I’m a renowned Image Consultant. I have conducted sessions with Sun Pharma, ICICI and HDFC to name a few and have provided personal training to 100+ individuals. I have been credited by the London Image Institute and Image Consulting Business Institute.

Table of Contents

0.1 Introduction

0.2 Image Management Quotes

0.3 Introduction to Image Management

Chapter 1 - Dressing

  • 1.0 Dress for Success

  • 1.1 Effective Image

  • 1.2 Good Fit; Colour & Shape; Fabric-Texture-Pattern; Credibility; Business Dress

  • 1.3 Professional/Personal Style scale

  • 1.4 How men communicate authority

  • 1.5 Grooming Errors

  • 1.6 How women communicate authority

  • 1.7 Complete look - Grooming details

  • 1.8 Grooming

  • 1.9 Visual Communication cues in dress

  • 1.10 What is your Personal Style

Chapter 2 - Body Language

  • 2.0 Body Language - Shaken & Stirred

  • 2.1 Forms of Non-verbal Communication

  • 2.2 Unspoken Words

  • 2.3 Positive Body Language

  • 2.4 Negative Body Language

  • 2.5 An Eye for an Eye

  • 2.6 Things to Remember

Chapter 3 - Communication Skills

  • 3.1 Communication - Voice, Verbal, Topics of Conversation

  • 3.2 Roles of Communication

  • 3.3 Verbal Communication

  • 3.4 Importance of Pausing at the Right Place

  • 3.5 Leadership, Effective Presentation Skills

  • 3.6 Business introductions, Addressing people

Chapter 4 - Etiquette

  • 4.1 Etiquette Introduction, Telephone - Email etiquette

  • 4.2 Email etiquette - Netiquette

  • 4.3 Exchanging Business cards, Understanding, Official Protocol

  • 4.4 Etiquette at Business Meetings - Before, Starting, During and After

  • 4.5 Geography of the Face, The Handshake

  • 4.6 Public Etiquette

  • 4.7 Four Golden Words

  • 4.8 Elevator Etiquette

Chapter 5

  • 5.1 Body language Quiz

Chapter 6 - Effective Public Speaking Tips

Chapter 7 - Body Image Analysis

  • 7.1 Body Image Analysis - Woman

  • 7.2 Body Image Analysis - Man

  • List of Workshops