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Articles written by Neha D Gupta and published by various Media platforms.


मुंबई स्थित इमेज कन्सल्टेंट नेहा गुप्ता का कहना है, “मोटे कलाकार दर्शकों को काफ़ी क्यूट लगते है और जिस तरह वो अपनी इमेज को कैरी करते हैं वही उनके लिए स्टाइल स्टेटमेंट बन जाता है.”

30 December 2020

Collaboration with Pegasis Image consultancy

We at AD SINGH take this honour to announce the collaboration with Pegasis Image consultancy. Pegasis is a leader in image consultancy for both corporate and individual image making.

19 March 2021


You have to leave that movie-star status behind: Image consultants on celebs’ muted dress code at NCB questioning

19 March 2021

India’s leading image consultant Neha D Gupta is changing the face of several affluent Indians in the society

30 December 2020