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“Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life.”

Bill Cunningham

Why Do the Industry Giants Hire A Celebrity Fashion Advisor?

A Celebrity Fashion Consultant can also be referred to as a Fashion Stylist, Style Editor, or Celebrity Stylist. According to the contemporary aspect, “Fashion advisor is the one who pushes all the celebrities to mark a place in the best-dressed list”.

Behind every famous well-dressed celebrity is a top Celebrity Fashion Advisor who creates their look. Celebrity Fashion Consultants introduce new trends to the world with their latest and unique designs. Fashion stylists are architects that help fashion trends to evolve innovatively. All the celebrities have their desirable style customized by their personal top Celebrity Fashion Consultants in Mumbai. The street style looks, casual airport look or traditional party look are not just simply thrown on. These are wisely designed by the fashion stylists whose job is to make celebrities look flawless and make the paparazzi world talking about how flawlessly celebrities can carry these styles on regular days.

Neha D Gupta, a Celebrity Fashion Advisor and a Celebrity Fashion Consultant in Mumbai, has hands-on experience in the industry. She has worked as a Celebrity Fashion Stylist for the Bollywood film “Hai Apna Dil To Awara” in the year 2015. She is self-employed and is associated with leading fashion brands as an independent Celebrity Fashion Consultant in Mumbai. Being an experienced Celebrity Fashion Advisor, Neha D Gupta picks the perfect clothes and accessories to match the occasion and requirements of her clients. For example, campaigns for television or print advertising, music videos, styling costumes for movies, concert performances, and any public appearances made by celebrities, models or other public figures.

Celebrity Fashion Advisors are usually a part of the large creative crew brought together by the client, teamed up with the photographers/directors, make-up artists, and hairstylists to put together a complete look or theme for the precise event. Fashion Consultants are self-employed and are hired on a contract basis, and join the celebrities, models and other public figures.

Neha D Gupta, a Celebrity Fashion Consultant in Mumbai, is an artistic individual who offers expert advice and makes recommendations to celebrities or models on how to expand and transform a wardrobe that endorses their societal and public image. By evaluating a celebrity’s personality, body type, and the current trends, Neha D Gupta, a Celebrity Fashion Advisor, recommends fashion and accessory choices that will enhance the look and boost-up the poise of the celebrity. The duties a Celebrity Fashion Consultant carries out are quite diverse, which includes offering fashion advice and recommendations on all the outfits, individual pieces, trendy styles, fabrics, or colour.

According to Neha D Gupta, to stay ahead in the game of fashion, the Celebrity Fashion Advisor must have some of the best qualities and core skills along with excellent communication and interactive skills. The advisor must be friendly, outgoing, trustworthy and able to retain his/her clients by building relations and loyalty. This is highly important for them to successfully carry out their business for a long period. The Fashion Consultant should essentially be a good multi-tasker, have great skills of time management, and be extremely organized. She believes that a successful Fashion Consultant should be a great listener who can portray a celebrity’s personality and depict the fashion trend right down into minute detail.

As a professional Celebrity Fashion Consultant in Mumbai, Neha D Gupta believes in building strong relationships with the famous giants of the industry and the models.

For instance, a label that focuses on appropriate attire for an event might bring in a Fashion Consultant to advise them on ways to be a trendsetter. Above all, however, a Celebrity Fashion Consultant must have up-to-the-minute knowledge of the trends in fashion, uphold professional conduct and establish a personal and professional sense of style. The celebrity fashion stylists collaborate with the designers to get the costume tailored for celebrities. At the Finishing School, Neha D Gupta also offers services like personal shopping, transforming the entire wardrobe, restructuring the closet, or other duties relating to personal lifestyle.

Neha D Gupta, the accomplished Celebrity Fashion Consultant in Mumbai, guides the celebrities and aims to suggest the best luxury items and brands like watches, luxury cars, jewellery, luxury travel, treats, wines, etc. She recommends the best brands according to their fashion style and physique to help the celebrities add extra elegance to their lifestyles as per the current trend.

Have you ever wondered why celebrities need Image Consultants, Make-up Artists or Spokespersons? Well, it is all-round personal branding. At the Finishing School, Neha D Gupta, a Celebrity Fashion Advisor, has hands-on experience of celebrity branding. She can make you look outstanding at any party or event. Personal branding will outline you as an asset; coalescing your personality with a commercial advantage. Neha D Gupta has experience of being a Personal Stylist and an Image Consultant who can modernize your private style.